Charleston South Carolina

Bybee & Tibbals, LLC is a boutique litigation firm focusing on the representation
of landowners in eminent domain and other real estate disputes.
We concentrate on the following areas of law:

South Carolina

Eminent Domain / Condemnation

• Direct Takings

• Inverse Condemnation

• Regulatory Takings

• Relocation

• Access Claims

• Airspace Easement Takings

• Right of Entry Disputes (Pipeline Takings)

• Transmission Lines

Zoning and Land Use Disputes

• Rezoning and Special Exception Appeals

• Vested Rights

• Permitting Disputes

• Land Planning Disputes

• Regulatory Takings

• Non-Conforming (Grandfathered) Uses

• Development Agreement Disputes

Real Property Contract Disputes

Commercial Lease Disputes

Boundary LinE & Easement Disputes

Commercial Mortgage & Lien Disputes